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Three Reasons to Shop Locally this Holiday Season

Woman and Man Shopping at Farmer's Market

As a millennial, shopping online has become the norm. It is convenient to just click and have it shipped to your home. However, shopping online lacks the three main benefits that come to mind when I think of shopping locally in Vermont:


Catching up

Shopping locally is an awesome way to get out into my community. Nothing truly excites me more than making a trip to my local general store to buy the perfect gift for someone, pick up the basic necessities, and catch up with neighbors. Conversations of weather or the end of hunting season, or observations of the random gentlemen as he tries to remember if he was supposed to pick up milk or eggs—these are all part of the atmosphere I have grown to love. The owner of my local store has always made shopping there fun; she always has on a shirt with a humorous saying or image that makes me smile. The store stocks the best locally made beef jerky, which has been in the same place by the register as far back as I can remember; it is like the cherry on top of the cake at the end of my shopping trip. From the store owner, to the fellow shoppers, or even the vendors restocking all of the Vermont-made products; the experience of shopping there is something I have always enjoyed and it never fails to remind me how much pride goes into our Vermont-made products.


Recirculating Money Within the Community

When I buy something at the local store, I know that most of the money I spend will stay in the community. It will help pay the employees who work there and will be divided among local artists, crafters, farmers, and other vendors who sell to the store. Ultimately, my purchases will help to ensure the store will keep flourishing for years to come. I like knowing that when I shop locally, my money will have a positive effect on the employees, vendors, and store owner, and is more likely to stay local as they spend money in the community as well. It feels good being part of a chain reaction that helps my community.


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Good for the Waistline and the Environment

When you shop locally, you also spend more time walking, rather than driving (and we all know what the holiday season does to us)! Aside from being good for my health, shopping locally limits the amount of carbon emissions I’m putting out into the environment by reducing the number of trips made by larger companies’ delivery trucks to transport products to my home. Being environmentally savvy is just as important to me as living in a beautiful state like Vermont!


The Bottom Line on Shopping Locally

I may spend a little extra when I shop locally but I save on shipping and handling, use my low-interest credit card to avoid paying too much in interest, and never have to pay for shipping twice when something doesn’t fit.

So, I’ll leave you with this. Imagine if everyone in your local area supported your local businesses. The more support these businesses get, the more they can grow, the more specific their products and services can become to meet the needs of the local community, and the wealthier the entire community can become. By making a commitment to keeping your money local, you promote an upward spiral of prosperity that brings the community together in a way that makes Vermont so unique.


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