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The Bright Ideas Project

Powering the creation of Burlington’s New Year’s Eve celebration.

By the community, for the community

The Bright Ideas Project brings inspiration and delight to Highlight, Burlington’s New Year’s Eve celebration. The project engages the state’s most creative minds in designing a community-produced, crowdsourced experience that includes interactive events, immersive installations, and unforgettable performances.

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    The Bright Ideas Project showcases the wide-ranging talents of local Vermonters while connecting and uplifting the community.

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    Artists, musicians, and other creatives from around Vermont are encouraged to submit proposals and bring their innovative ideas to life.

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    These ideas culminate in Highlight, a unique, one-of-a-kind celebration to ring in the New Year.

How it works

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    The Bright Ideas Project solicits idea proposals earlier in the year.

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    Ideas are reviewed by committee and selectees are awarded up to $10,000 to develop their project.

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    The Burlington City Arts, Signal Kitchen, and Highlight offer production, planning, permitting, and promotional support.

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    By December 31, all projects are complete and in place for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve.

About the partnership

Through the Bright Ideas Project, VSECU is powering the inspiring process behind the annual Highlight event on December 31. We help with funding and by helping to select the talent who will shape the New Year’s Eve experience.


Number of people who attended Highlight in 2021/2022.


Number of countries from which attendees to this virtual and in-person event came.


Selectees are awarded up to $8,000 to develop their projects.

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See what's happening

Live concerts, bonfires, circuses, and more!

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Powered by VSECU

Our vision is to inspire a movement that brings people together to empower the possibilities for greater financial, environmental and social prosperity. As part of fulfilling this vision, we “power” initiatives that represent innovative efforts to stimulate social and economic opportunities through collaboration and cooperation.

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