About VGreen

At VSECU, we know how important it is for Vermonters to save money on their energy bills. After all, we’re Vermonters too. We are committed to helping us all make smart investments in our homes, our communities and our state. VGreen provides financing for any project or purchase that improves energy efficiency in your home or your transportation. If you’re considering a solar project, weatherization, heating system upgrade, energy efficiency appliances, or a new high-efficiency heat pump, there’s a VGreen loan option that can help you achieve long-term energy savings.


Whether you’re financing a green vehicle, green home, a bicycle, or a few solar panels, VGreen has an option that can work for you.


We want you to benefit from your energy improvements immediately, so we structured our terms to let you do just that.


To help make sustainable energy sustainable for you, we have put together some of our best rates for our green loans.


VGreen Money Market Account
Invest in the future of energy with this money market that uses 100% of your deposits to invest in renewable and energy efficiency projects like solar.
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ITC Loan
VGreen ITC Loans offer low monthly installments during your initial repayment period & flexible principle repayment.
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Energy Improvement Loan
Energy Improvement Loans offer longer terms, lower rates & flexibility in financing a variety of energy saving projects.
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Electrics 20yr Energy Improvement Loan
This option is designed for those looking to finance larger solar, home efficiency, or home energy improvements with fixed rates and an extended term.
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Heat Saver Loan
The Heat Saver Loan is a state-subsidized program for financing home energy projects like weatherization, efficient heating systems and cold climate heat pumps.
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Green Vehicle Loan
Extended terms and lower rates are the hallmarks of Green Vehicle Loans which can save money at the pump and on payments for your high efficiency vehicle.
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Home Equity Energy Loan
This Home Equity Loan allows you to make a variety of energy improvements and upgrades while offering flexibility.
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Long Term Home Equity Loan
Our Longer Term Home Equity Loans allow you to finance improvements to your home with a fixed rate and extended terms to make upgrades more affordable.
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Business Energy Loan
We’ve partnered with Efficiency Vermont to provide the Business Energy Loan that allows companies to finance energy efficiency upgrades affordably.
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Off Grid Mortgage
If you are looking to ‘unplug,’ our Off Grid Mortgages can provide flexible terms for your primary residence that is not using a traditional power supply.
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